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How Octave Works

Here Is Our Four-Interval Development Process for Building, Testing, and
Launching Your New App-Based Ecosystem

Full Composition - Target Lead Time: 30 to 60 Days

Interval 1

Kickstart - Lead Time:

Typically two weeks or less

Once we receive your deposit, our Octave team can begin our Interval 1 tasks:

  • Assigning your new Octave Advocate, your concierge who will be your point of contact as we build and launch your new ecosystem. They can help walk you through every step of your experience with Octave. They will be anticipating your needs, questions, and concerns and providing you updates along the way.
  • Creating your new Octave account
  • Building out your Apple Developer account
  • Securing your Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number
  • Building out your Google Developer account
  • Curating your branding identity (logos, fonts, color palette, icons, etc.), initial messaging, and product suite that you want to host and share via Octave.
  • Add-on: If you would like support with developing your messaging and curating your product suite, our Octave team can assist you with Content Guidance for an additional investment.

It typically takes around two calendar weeks to complete Interval 1.

Interval 2

Build - Lead Time

Typically 7 to 30 days

Once we complete Interval 1, we can start Interval 2 where you upload your content, customize your app based on our proven framework so your ecosystem looks, feels, and responds in a way that you and your audience will love. The finishing flourish is submitting the beta version of your gorgeous new ecosystem for Google and Apple review. We leave a wide gap in the date range here to accurately give you a time table based on other client’s content upload completion times. You may also wish to have our team manage the content upload process for you which is very time efficient.  This is when we’ll also create an initial plan for your Full Launch in Interval 4.

Interval 3

Soft Launch - Lead Time

Typically one week

After receiving feedback from Apple, your Octave Advocate can then communicate any changes we may need to navigate. They will also help guide you towards recommended action steps as we fine-tune your ecosystem for Interval 3. This is where we do a ‘soft launch’ to a select group in your community and prepare for Interval 4: Full Launch.

Interval 4

Full Launch - Lead Time

Typically one week

Once your app is fine-tuned, we enter our final submission to Google and Apple. It typically takes about three days for Google and Apple to review and approve your app before it goes live in App Stores. This is when we’ll support you through your Full Launch while also providing links to web and mobile versions of your new app.

Ongoing Octave

With your brand-new ecosystem now live for devices around the world, we can then move into real-time monitoring and as-needed support. You maintain connection with your Octave Advocate so you can share questions, concerns, and requests in the coming weeks and months.

Our team of technology gurus keeps your system up to date with Google and Apple’s latest updates. We service, update, and monitor servers and regularly update your system with the latest tools at no additional charge. In fact, we are so good at what we do that you may want to call us from time to time just to talk about the weather instead of customer support tickets like some other platforms.

We take care of all the technology so you can do what you do best: provide amazing content and make the world a better place. 

Full Composition - Target Lead Time: 30 to 60 Days

You’ve seen how our process can create a remarkable experience for your community. It’s time to take your next step with Octave.