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Getting Started with Octave

We Believe That Empowering Global Leaders
With Inspired Technology We Can Make a
Global Impact Today!

Step 1:

Create your account by selecting this button now.

Step 2:

Add your billing information and review the terms of service. The base price for our Ecosystems is $997 creation fee and $997 per month thereafter. We believe that a flat fee model is superior to a saas or pre user model as you can always know what to expect without wild fluctuations to your investment each month.

You may receive an additional invoice if you request custom designs or additions to your system that you already discussed with your Octave Advocate.

Step 3:

We will review your business and assign your Octave Advocate who has the experience with your business model to your Ecosystem. Your concierge will help you understand what is needed and how to get started powerfully.

Step 4:

Octave becomes the technology partner that you always knew was out there but couldn’t find until now.

With our white-glove service, we will be there every step of the way and do the heavy lifting for you and your team. This gives you the freedom to focus on your content and create a massive difference for the world.

Octave makes it easy.

Have questions or require additional service?

Please contact us and schedule a call today!

Email: [email protected]
Main Office: +1 424-258-2005