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Octave Hits All the Right Notes With Your Audience

Octave was created with you in mind. Here’s our story of starting Octave out of frustration. It’s about seeing how our streamlined, elegant approach to creating your app-based ecosystem is more than just our story.

What started it all with Octave?
In a word, frustration.

“Yes, I would love to hear more from you.”

“I loved (product name here). What else do you have that I can buy from you?”

“When is your next event? I’d love to be there!”

Those are the words any business owner would love to hear more of from their audience. It’s what we were hearing a few years ago, but not until our audience was searching — and failing — to find that info on our websites, through our emails, and in our other ways of communicating and connecting.

The problem? Everything was fractured — a text message system here, emails landing in spam filters or getting buried with lower and lower open rates, online courses being abandoned because all of the prompts were misfiring.

So frustrating!

So, what did we do? We spent over a year scouring the internet, talking with strategic partners, interviewing some of the brightest, most successful digital marketing and online education minds in the world, and realizing… nothing truly existed like what we needed.

Guess what we did next… we created Octave. This is now the all-in-one app-based ecosystem that we wished we had years ago to keep in constant, reliable connection with our audience.

As we built this for us, we knew we would need to build it for you too. Octave was created for you and your audience to connect better than ever before.

We’re using the best technology available to create the most seamless, engaging experience for your audience to enjoy. 

That’s your story, and now, we invite you to be a part of it with us.

Our Team

Our team members span the globe with expertise in many more fields than just programming. Understanding your business requires marketing, sales, design, customer flow, and psychology to name a few. With team members based in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and India. This gives the advantage of not only having worldwide coverage but also the intuitive know-how and strengths of each culture.

United States

United States





Costa Rica

Costa Rica



It's safe to say our platforms are intentional, well
beautifully designed, and all done with your best interests in mind.

At the helm is our CEO and Chief Architect Greg W Anderson with over 20 years of programming and system’s architecture experience.
As a business owner of privately held companies, building his own platforms for internal use, Greg has architected over 80 platforms in e-commerce, learning management, data management, custom merchanting, drag-and-drop web builders, customer management solutions, data security, DDoS attack prevention, customer retention, customer acquisition, social media campaigns, social media automation, lead distribution, disaster recovery, and IOS/Android app deployment.

Over the last few years, our systems and business models shifted from “profits first” to “global impact first.” We are a for-benefit company that understands that profits follow value, and so we strive to create the most value possible for you and your clients.

What We Believe

  • We Believe in treating every client or customer as a member of our family.

  • We Believe that inspired technology should bring people together regardless of geographic location, race, or background.

  • We Believe that good business and responsible earthetarianism must be harmonious in action and understanding.

  • We Believe that creating tools that allow groups of people to come together digitally is making a better world.

  • We Believe in creating systems that connect people globally.

  • We Believe in projecting love into every line of code and every design to create an inspiring user experience.

Get Started With Octave

If you’re ready to see Octave hit all the right keys with your audience,
there are two ways to get started.